Sunday, May 31, 2009

2nd Saturday Artist Market is expanding!

The next 2nd Saturday Artist Market is June 13, which if you've been paying attention you'll know is the same weekend as Studio Stroll in the neighboring River Arts District. In anticipation of great crowds all over the area, we're expanding the 2nd Saturday Artist Market in several ways:

* 10x10 tented booth fees are now just $30: 2 artists may share a space, but at least one of you needs to have the tent

* un-tented 'table' space is now available: as long as the sun is shining, we'll try to make room for everyone we can, so if you've been interested in applying to the Market but daunted by lack of tent, fear not! For the June Market, you need only have a table, and like the booth spaces, two artists may share a 6' table. Table space is $20. If it goes well in June, we may keep doing it throughout the season.

We'll be keeping the application process open until we just can't fit in any more vendors, and once you've been juried in, you may simply submit your request to participate in future Markets (the jurying still exists to keep a good balance of medium).

Go to the event blog for Market applications - the table space feature is brand new, so if you don't see it on the application form, just write it in. And if you have any questions, email 'info' at ''.

Also check out Asheville Street Markets to learn about other great vending opportunities!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Howard Street Handmade - Heads Up AvlEtsy!

Lets start at the beginning.
On June 6th, from 8am to 7pm, Short Street Cakes Presents the newest
incarnation of Howard Street Handmade: The Crafty Supply Sale and Swap
Bonanza! Here's the rundown from one of our organizers (and resident HSH
logo artists, ass-kicker, and all around awesome mama, Katie Elkins of Scrumdidlyump
One June 6th Howard Street Handmade will host a fabulous day of low-cost
workshops and a Crafty Supply Swap + Sale Bonanza. Howard Street Handmade
takes place at 227 Haywood Road in East West Asheville, next to our lovely
sponsor, Short Street Cakes.

The day will progress in three acts, (eat your heart out Ira Glass):

*Part I - *8 am -10:30 am

- *A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words - But you Need a Few of Those Too*

Low-Cost Photography and Writing Workshop
Bring your work and we will do a hands on photo shoot! Learn how to take
photos of your work with minimal equipment. We will play with props,
lighting and help each other write great descriptions of our work, and
gain skills to sell more of your work! Great for Etsy or for building a
portfolio to approach galleries and shops!
cost - *$5 *
brought to you by scrumdidlyump
*All proceeds from this class will go to the Howard Street Handmade
marketing fund!*

*Part II - *11:00 am - 1:30 pm
- *That Felt GOOD!*
Felting basics workshop
Learn how to make your own felted soaps with needle felted designs!
cost -* $10 *+ supplies
brought to you by MellowKnee

- *Yo Mam**a Likes Prints*
Low-tech Printing basics workshop
Make your own stamps and learn how to print on paper and fabric.
cost - *$10* plus supplies
scrumdidlyump + special surprise guest

*All classes are first come, first serve. Reserve your spot today by

*Part III - 3:00 pm - 7 pm

The Crafty Supply Swap + Sale Bonanza*

- *The Sale - Downstairs*
Vendor Table fee - *$10*
3 ft tables available to sell all those crafty supplies you've been

- *The Swap - Upstairs*
Bonanza ticket -*$3*
Buy a ticket, bring some crafty stuff you don't want, take away some stuff
you do.
BYOB. (Bring Your Own Basket)

Sign up quick, because spaces are going to fill quickly!

Now, the second event, is the monthly tradition we have all come to know
and love: The Howard Street Handmade Craft Market! This month's HSH will
take place on June 20th, and will feature the usual awesomeness from
returning and new vendors, as well as Music! Outdoor Vendors! A Cake
Walk! and maybe BEER!

For more info, visit
we love you.
jodi and short street cakes and the Howard Street Handmade organizing team.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2nd Saturday Artist Market on Stroll Weekend!

Booth spaces are still available for the June 13 2nd Saturday Artist Market - we're taking more booths this month, and better yet the booth fee has been lowered to $30!

Two artists can share a tent, and artists can also apply saying they'd like to share (and if you don't have a tent, say so and we'll try to match you with someone who does!).

Details are all at the blog or contact lori 'at' - we're expecting a nice party of Stroll-ers to join us, and we'd love to have even more Asheville Etsy representin'!