Sunday, March 30, 2008

Welcome to Asheville Etsy Street Team!

About Us:
Asheville Etsy Street Team is an eclectic group of independent crafters, artists, and DIYers from the Asheville area, working cooperatively to support each other and the handmade movement.

To create and preserve an Etsy Street Team that promotes the Asheville area, each other, and our individual shops.

Our communities on the web:

Please join our group. Sign-up is free!
Our flickr group will serve as a place to share pictures of our past/present etsy listings, and to discuss anything pertaining to the group in general. This includes inquiries, shop updates, questions, event ideas, collaboration opportunities, promos, etc.

We also have a community blog (here!) A meeting place for team updates, membership updates, shop updates, event ideas, local craft opportunities, promos, news, etc.

Please note that shops are listed and linked alphabetically. Blog contributors are listed and linked by shop name/name. If you wish to link a personal weblog instead of your shop under "contributor," or would like access to posting to our Team Etsy blog, please contact Shannon.

We encourage you to post and comment freely on the blog & flickr discussion boards. The Team is a cooperative effort, so please get involved and participate as much as you can! The level of activity we generate is all up to us, so please feel free to discuss or coordinate events, promos, etc.

If you have any ideas, questions, concerns, tips - anything! Post it for everyone to see and respond to. We have a great group of crafters in Asheville; let's connect, pool our resources, and help each other flourish!

As a member of the Asheville Etsy team, you can use the tag 'AVLetsyteam' when listing items in your shop, and when posting pictures in our team flickr photo pool. Promote the group by mentioning Asheville Etsy in your shop announcement or profile page, and posting a link on your own personal blogs - the more exposure, the better!

For inquiries about the team, contact Shannon or Liz:



Friday, March 28, 2008

we're finally for real now!

okay, everyone - we're official now!
i got the 'okay' from etsy admin today, and our team info has been added to the north carolina teams page.

all of you who have expressed interest in the team should have gotten (or will get soon - watch your email boxes) a letter of welcome from shannon and me. the letter contains all the info you need to start being an active member of the team!
this means you'll have access to the blog - contact shannon if you woud like to start posting - and the flickr group discusion boards and photo pool.
we can also use the tag 'AVLetsyteam' for our etsy listings and flickr photos. the more we use the tag, the more we can stay connected and identify ourseves as team members, and the easier it will be for others to find us too - so more exposure for all of us!

please jump right in and start posting and participating! we want everyone to be involved and keep the positive momentum going - let's make some connections and help each other! if you have any questions, tips, ideas, friendly chatter, or anything at all that you want to share, please do!

if you are new to the team, please read the past few blog entries - we've got a kick booty home show coming up in july, hosted by katie, that is sure to be a good time. if you want more info, contact katie. if you can't participate, we'd still love to see you come out and say hello. there may even be cupcakes....

if you are interested in becoming a member, you can contact me (liz/cozyblue) or shannon/earlygirl for more info, and we'll get you in the loop.

that about wraps it up for now, folks. i'm excited - can't wait to see what ideas and contributions everyone has.

welcome to the team, you awesome ashevillains, you!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have Sewing Machine, Will Travel

In preparation for the big Etsy Homeshow July 12th, I will be hosting a little printing, sewing, and stuffing soiree June 1rst from 3 pm- 7 pm. Drop by whenever you can during that time frame! Everyone who is mailing me goodies is going to have them to me by then!

What to bring:
any fabric scraps that you think would make lovely goody bags
a portable sewing machine
promos and/or samples to stuff the bags

What to do:
make goody bags, stuff them with promos
print out fliers and invites.

If you don't have a sewing machine I have three in working order, and I am good at sharing. I have a note from my second grade teacher to back me up on this

If you can't make it to the party, and want to help, never fear! You can contribute a couple of bucks to the printing fund (convo me through Etsy to get my email address), or you can make bags on your own (9 x 11 minimum size) and get them to us some other time.

Also, if anyone would like to be in charge of finding a sports water cooler (you know, the kind with the little spigot) and some simple treats for the homeshow, that would be fantastic! I can probably manage some homemade bread...

If there is any other way in which you would like to help- that would alos be fantastic...
For example if anyone would like to create an ink drawing of the Ashevillainess herself, I would like to see her in a ll her glory on my front lawn. If you can draw her, I can make her into a lifesize lawn ornament!

Ok, I promise, no more posts for awhile.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Me again- Ashevillains Homeshow -Let's Get Villainous

Allrighty so far we have for wonderful sellers:
LaPella Pottery

ohmancreations - stationary
LaurieRyan - photography
myboutique- jewelry
celestialclockwork - the universe will take care of it!
DMDesigns- Handcrafted Contemporay Jewelry and Greeting Cards
KreatedbyKarina - handmade soaps
NayaDesigns - jewelry
Xabiajewels - jewelry
Whatsupyoursleeve- Fabric Coffee Slevve Java Jacket Insulated
liasun1- Funky and Cute Handmade Awesomeness
AccesoryLady - Handcrafted Pieces for the Body and Home

26designs is making a poster for us! I will be printing them out on my own printer, and will makes copies for any and all who want to spread them around town. I will also send out email invites with their cool graphics. if anyone wants to help out and donate a couple bucks to the Katie needs new print cartridges fund- my email address is available upon request and I would REALLY appreciate it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ashevillains Crafty Day of Villainy Goodness Homeshow

Ok, well the name probably needs some work but the idea is GREAT!

Having recently contributed samples to the Brooklyn Etsy Homeshow, whilst I was wrapping up forty two tiny mugs I got to thinking:

Why not have homeshow in Asheville? Then, not only would I have to pay shipping costs to get my goodies out there- but I could also meet some of the other fantabulous Etsy folks in our wonderfully weird town.

So, I have a house in West Asheville, right up the hill from the River Arst district. I have a big yard! I have off the street parking! I have A PLAN!

What: Kickbooty Asheville Etsy Homeshow
When: July 12th from 9 am till 4 pm
Who: ten to twenty Etsy sellers and their crafty goodness
Why: Because I love you
Where: West Asheville, at my house ( 172 Richland Ave)
How: convo me if you're interested in helping, selling, promoting, or have good ideas

But wait- I need other villains to unite for this cause, not only in Asheville but all over the country!


Are you crafty on Etsy?
Do you want to come sell stuff for free?
Do you wnt to meet other crafty villains? mwahahahaha!
Do you want to promote your Etsy shop by sending us goodies?

We will be giving away a Villainous Basket O Etsy Love as a doorprize, and mebbe other things, so send us your samples, your promos, your ideas!

Convo me on Etsy, my username is scrumdidlyump.
Thats a good start!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Storque puts spotlight on cozyblue

(photo by cozyblue)

While engaged in my daily read through of The Storque, I ran across this fresh off the press, cute and plushy article: Picnic Time featuring fellow Asheville etsian cozyblue.

Way to go Liz!

Friday, March 7, 2008

AVL Etsy + Flickr

We now have an Asheville Etsy Street Team group on flickr!

If you're a Street Team member, or wish to be a member - please join