Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have Sewing Machine, Will Travel

In preparation for the big Etsy Homeshow July 12th, I will be hosting a little printing, sewing, and stuffing soiree June 1rst from 3 pm- 7 pm. Drop by whenever you can during that time frame! Everyone who is mailing me goodies is going to have them to me by then!

What to bring:
any fabric scraps that you think would make lovely goody bags
a portable sewing machine
promos and/or samples to stuff the bags

What to do:
make goody bags, stuff them with promos
print out fliers and invites.

If you don't have a sewing machine I have three in working order, and I am good at sharing. I have a note from my second grade teacher to back me up on this

If you can't make it to the party, and want to help, never fear! You can contribute a couple of bucks to the printing fund (convo me through Etsy to get my email address), or you can make bags on your own (9 x 11 minimum size) and get them to us some other time.

Also, if anyone would like to be in charge of finding a sports water cooler (you know, the kind with the little spigot) and some simple treats for the homeshow, that would be fantastic! I can probably manage some homemade bread...

If there is any other way in which you would like to help- that would alos be fantastic...
For example if anyone would like to create an ink drawing of the Ashevillainess herself, I would like to see her in a ll her glory on my front lawn. If you can draw her, I can make her into a lifesize lawn ornament!

Ok, I promise, no more posts for awhile.


Shannon said...


Okay - I'm a little confused though... are the goodie bags, and the "door prize" item two separate entities? And are these goodie bags to be exchanged between the sellers at the Home Show? Sorry, I just need a little clarification.

And Katie, I will be contacting you (via etsy) here in the near future to make a contribution to the printing fund. I doubt I will make the get together on the 8th. Summer break - and surely I won't be able to rally all three kiddos of mine long enough to attend (and be productive.

scrumdidlyump said...

Hehehe, yeah three kids! Although- you might want to know I have a great play yard and playroom that they will be welcome to enjoy for the homeshow!
I was planning on giving out goody bags to the first fifty people to come to the home show- it doesn't matter to me if they are sellers or not :)
The doorprize would be a BIG basket of goodies given away to one lucky visitor- like a drawing.
Does this sound good?
Mostly the goody bags will have small samples and promos from people on Etsy.
Thanks for helping me with the printing Shannon!

liz said...

i'm not sure if i'll make it or not. that first week of june, my mom is moving up to asheville (!!) so i might be doing moving-type stuff then. i'll know more as it gets closer, though, so can let you know for sure later.

so - the promo bags - should we just stick in some business cards & small freebies?
(note to self: order more moo cards)

and when you get the flyer made up, i can either paypal you some $$, or if you want to email it to me, i'll print up some too & hang them to advertise. either way is fine.

i can bring some snacky stuff to the show...
not sure if i'll brave bringing the kids - a day *to myself* at a craft show sounds like bliss!

thanks for all the work you've done so far!
it's exciting!!

i still have not heard back from etsy admin about the team.
i don't want to be a pest, but i might send a little 'hello?' email soon...

scrumdidlyump said...

On my second post, all of the people on the lower list are mailing us promo materials and goodies for the goodie bags and basket- so yeah, we can add our stuff and we'll have nice little bags to remind people how cool we are!
Yeah, I need to order moo cards too!
Thank you guys for being awesome and getting the team proposal to Etsy- seems like fate that we should all be working on getting this together at the same time doesn't it? Brilliant minds think a like and all!