Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ashevillains Crafty Day of Villainy Goodness Homeshow

Ok, well the name probably needs some work but the idea is GREAT!

Having recently contributed samples to the Brooklyn Etsy Homeshow, whilst I was wrapping up forty two tiny mugs I got to thinking:

Why not have homeshow in Asheville? Then, not only would I have to pay shipping costs to get my goodies out there- but I could also meet some of the other fantabulous Etsy folks in our wonderfully weird town.

So, I have a house in West Asheville, right up the hill from the River Arst district. I have a big yard! I have off the street parking! I have A PLAN!

What: Kickbooty Asheville Etsy Homeshow
When: July 12th from 9 am till 4 pm
Who: ten to twenty Etsy sellers and their crafty goodness
Why: Because I love you
Where: West Asheville, at my house ( 172 Richland Ave)
How: convo me if you're interested in helping, selling, promoting, or have good ideas

But wait- I need other villains to unite for this cause, not only in Asheville but all over the country!


Are you crafty on Etsy?
Do you want to come sell stuff for free?
Do you wnt to meet other crafty villains? mwahahahaha!
Do you want to promote your Etsy shop by sending us goodies?

We will be giving away a Villainous Basket O Etsy Love as a doorprize, and mebbe other things, so send us your samples, your promos, your ideas!

Convo me on Etsy, my username is scrumdidlyump.
Thats a good start!


Merka said...

This sounds awesome. Hopefully, I'll be in town for the big event. I'd love to help any way I can pre-show though!


scrumdidlyump said...

Merka, that would be great! I hope you can come!

Shannon said...

This is so exciting!

liz said...

how on earth did i miss this post?
this is perfect! awesome!
exactly what i have been hoping for!
count me in.
i can't wait!

Erin said...

I'd love to hear how this turns out!