Friday, March 21, 2008

Me again- Ashevillains Homeshow -Let's Get Villainous

Allrighty so far we have for wonderful sellers:
LaPella Pottery

ohmancreations - stationary
LaurieRyan - photography
myboutique- jewelry
celestialclockwork - the universe will take care of it!
DMDesigns- Handcrafted Contemporay Jewelry and Greeting Cards
KreatedbyKarina - handmade soaps
NayaDesigns - jewelry
Xabiajewels - jewelry
Whatsupyoursleeve- Fabric Coffee Slevve Java Jacket Insulated
liasun1- Funky and Cute Handmade Awesomeness
AccesoryLady - Handcrafted Pieces for the Body and Home

26designs is making a poster for us! I will be printing them out on my own printer, and will makes copies for any and all who want to spread them around town. I will also send out email invites with their cool graphics. if anyone wants to help out and donate a couple bucks to the Katie needs new print cartridges fund- my email address is available upon request and I would REALLY appreciate it!


Shannon said...

Yes - I'll donate!

Same email that I have for you already - PayPal? If different than this, just give me a shout over at etsy!

Should I do a bundle of cloths? That's what I'm leaning towards.

You've been a busy bee!

liz said...

wow - so great to see so much interest! how have you gotten so many participants already? i'm impressed!

i'd be happy to help out with the flyers too. if it is something you could email, i'd be glad to print some out on my printer too.

shannon - are you talking about dishcloths?
i, too, am wondering what type of stuff to make. i'm a newbie at craft shows, so not sure what would sell from my shop...
i have some new ideas i want to get cranking on too, that might work - smaller, inexpensive items - zip pouches, more flag banners, small softies...
ah - the possibilities, it's so exciting!

Shannon said...

Yes! I was particularly thinking of a little bundle for our raffle basket was it...? Will definitely have bundles for sale, and like you, churning the wheels for some other, on top of the bobbys and might do a little sewing and applique too.

I think everything you create is awesome, Liz!

liz said...

thanks shannon!
if only my production time was equivalent to the ideas i have in mind...

ah, yes - the raffle basket. i'll throw in something too, of course. maybe a farmers market tote?

scrumdidlyump said...

Oh gosh- if production time was equal to ideas I would live in house made of clay!
Liz... Etsy forums has given us our goodies!
Yes, my email is the same!
And Liz, I will take you up on the offer for help:)
I am thinking of a little set of tripod cups for the gift basket....
Do we have a way of getting in touch with the rest of the people who signed up for the team? I want to invite them but am afraid I will get muted for too many messages on Etsy!

liz said...

i'm expecting to hear back any time now from etsy admin regarding our team application. once we do, shannon is going to email everyone we've got so far and send them our 'welcome letter'

shannon - is this still the plan?

all the blog/flickr info will be in the letter, so they'll be reading this post soon and will soon be up to speed on all of the plans so far...

Shannon said...

Liz - Yes, this is still the plan!

Katie - The same day that you and I were in touch, I contacted everyone else on the team (via etsy) informing them that we were still waiting for the "word" from etsy Admin.

So, at this point, everyone (should) be aware of our team blog and flickr pool. Some have even contacted me, and expressed interest in contributing to our blog... so we should see more members "here" in the near future.

(I hope I answered everything - and if anyone has issues accessing this blog, please contact me at etsy or through my personal blog via a comment)

Viva Asheville etsy!

Faerie Made said...

i would love to be a part of this.