Monday, February 2, 2009

Montford Arts and Music Festival


What: 6th Annual Montford Arts and Music Festival
When: Saturday May 16th 2009 11am - 7pm
Where: Located right out on Montford Avenue, between Cullowhee and Wanetta streets.
Details: Artist and crafters information and application forms can be downloaded here.
Sharon Fahrer

Whatever your passion for art and music, you will find it in the heart of historic Montford at the the 6th Annual Montford Arts and Music Festival! Spend a day packed with creativity and good food. This event is co-sponsored by the City of Asheville Parks and Recreation and the Montford Neighborhood Association.

View the eclectic architecture that enables Montford to be home to a large variety of people. Celebrate the diversity that is Montford. Mingle and chat with local artists and craftspeople as they showcase their talents that so richly portray the warmth and character that is Montford. "Be our guests and step back in time to experience the magic of Montford" says Sharon Fahrer, editor of the Montford Newsletter and long time Montford resident. Past performers included: The Firecracker Jazz Band, the Buckerettes, Mad Tea Party, Buncombe Turnpike, JoBangles, Ira Bernstein, Peggy Seeger, Loafers Glory Clog Morris and many more. We estimate between 3000-4000 people attended last years festival.

This year's list of featured artists and performers will be even more amazing. Snake Oil Medicine Show and Sure Fayah Reggae band are among the headliners.

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