Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Handmade Marketplace Book...

...I just had to share this and let everybody know about this awesome book! One of the main reasons I bought it is because it is illustrated by Emily Martin [The Black Apple], who happens to be one of my most favorite artists/sellers on Etsy. But, I tell you, I have literally not been able to put this little book down. It is chockablock full of useful information from lots of different folks, including crafters, photographers, Matt [one of the founders of], accounts, writers, etc. ~ simply a must have for anybody making & selling crafts these days. Plus, it's only a little over $10!!! Gosh, this would have been gold to me 6 years ago, when I first started out. What has taken me years to learn & figure out is stuffed into a little 210 page book. Amazing! Plus, it's really cute and fun to look at and there are literally a gazillion links to tons of information and resources.

Good luck everybody!! Hope to see and meet you all soon!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy ~ Dornick Designs.

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sfw said...

I cannot wait to get ahold of this book. Looks lovely!

Kathy Hardy said...

It will become your prized possession...I promise you that :)