Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Asheville Etsy Freecyle Spring Cleaning Bonanza

I don't know about the rest of you out there, but about this time of year I get an uncontrollable urge to purge. And clean.
It occurred to me, being somewhat impatient, that it would be awesome to have a little Asheville Etsy get together and freecycle some of the stuff that I would ususally assign to my roadside free box.
Would any of you crafty fols be interested in having a freecycling party? We could each bring stuff that no longer blesses our homes and have a big ol' swap meet.
The remaining goodies could then go right down the road to the nearest thrift shop, freeing us all!
I would love to have folks gather at my home, but anyone else's is fine too!
Let me know what you think in a comment or convo me on Etsy.
Love and happy tax day,


early girl. said...

This is enticing.

I just freed myself of a ton of clothes thanks to Goodwill, but I do have a bit of collected deco/household goodies to purge. So, yeah, I'm very interested.

The leftovers we don't want to take back home... Would "we" take the remaining stuff to said Thrift shop, or is it a curbside deal?

Also - would you be open to having it on a Sunday?

scrumdidlyump said...

We could do it whenever on the weekend. And the thrift store is literally right down my street. So I figure we can load it up in someone's car at the end and just run it over. Or even make a little parade!

Betsy said...

Count me in!

liz said...

great idea!
not sure that i could make it on a weekend, though. that's my working time (boo).
i'll keep it in mind and see how things are looking then...

tara said...

I'm not a member of the group, but I'm only an hour away from Asheville, I'd love to know if ya'll do this (I'll be checking the blog)!

scrumdidlyump said...

So I am picking a date.
May 9th, at my house from 1 pm till 5. Do we have an email list to get news out to people?
I am going to post on Asheville Mamas too.
I figure we can start sorting out fabric for the Craft Show pre-party bag making too.

liz said...

i might be able to make it then!
i'm not sure what stuff i'll have to swap, since i've been purging our closets and cabinets a LOT lately (and sending it to goodwill)
but i'd love to stop by and say hello for a bit, at least.

as of now, we don't have a master email list. we've been having most discussions on flickr, and some here too. i guess as far as email addresses go, i've figured that if people are innterested in keeping up, they'll just be checking flickr (the discussion board there seems easier to follow, for me at least)

what does everyone think? what is easier for you - discussions here, or on flickr, or via email?

we are all still getting this going, so suggestions on running things more smoothly are welcome!