Thursday, April 24, 2008

DIY- Series presented by Asheville Buncombe Library and Art Museum

Last nigt I trundled Milo into tthe car and drove like md woman to the library. Why? Yes, I love the library, but last night was really special. There was a showing of grrrlyshow, a documentary about women's zines in the 90's.
It was awesome!
there was a knitting circle, Milo made his first screenprint shirt and vegan chocolate cupcakes from Jodi Rhoden's Shortstreet Cakes! Malaprops also donated coffee. The highlight of the evening for me was getting to make my very own zine page.
I will try to get the next event up on the blog before it happens- if you love Etsy you would love these people!


liz said...

wow - that sounds great!
i wish i had known ahead of time - i'd definitely be into coming to another one.
glad you guys had fun!

early girl. said...

Oh wow, that sounded awesome!

And cupcakes by Jodi.... I really missed out.

Delena said...

yes, please pass along the next date! that sounds fantastic.
art+cupcakes. . . absolutely!

Aisling said...

How do I always miss these things?!?! Sigh... :)