Monday, June 2, 2008

Bags Everywhere!

How many Etsians does it take to make a bag? We're not sure but eight of our team members whipped out 50+ promo bags in record time yesterday. To be given out at the Home Show on July 12th and at the Lexington Avenue Arts & Fun Festival in Septemer, these colorful cloth bags will hold all kinds of promo goodies, including business cards and samples. If you're one of the first to visit us at the shows, one of these fabulous bags and all the goodies inside could be yours!

Thanks to Katie (scrumdidlyump) for the generous use of her home to do this project. Thanks also to all the fabulous Etsians who donated their time, knowledge and spare fabric to make this happen: wonderland5, pliabletrade, therunnybunny, merkabajewelry, theflyingtrapeze, and woolenphoenix. You guys rock!


scrumdidlyump said...

Woohoo! I was uper amazed at how quickly 8 crafty women can whip up so many little bags- without, I might add, a pattern!
Necessity is the mother of invention- and lots of little goodie bags!

liz said...

looks like great work, everyone!
sorry i missed it, but it sounds like a successful pre-party!

Back In Action said...