Monday, June 2, 2008

Giving our H(Arts) Away

Hello everyone! Colleen’s Creative here : )
Now I know we are of course here on Etsy to be selling our work, but do you ever feel that in the process, you are giving little pieces of your H(Art) away?
This weekend I was leaving the parking lot after buying fabric in our small little town and I got the most enthusiastic response from a group of strangers about my Secret Pocket Star Purse. When these wonderful people stopped me, I was thrilled! But…conversely, I realized, unless I really really really : ) KNOW that they love it as much as I love do- it is not going to leave my hands!

Well, this is just not a practical attitude! But it is SO hard the few times I have sold something, to let go! I anxiously await feedback so I know my H(Art) has arrived safely and pray they let me know. What about you?
How about we all edit this post by adding pictures with what we H(Art) most in our own shops. Or - something you won't even list because you love it too much. Sound good? And lets remember to let others know how much we appreciate their Harts.


scrumdidlyump said...

Someone once gave me the most wonderful advice about pricing- which is especially hard when you produce lots of one of the kind goodies. Here it is: Pick a price for each piece of work which makes you send it on its way with a smile in your heart.
This makes it easier for me most of the time... but I must admit there are a few pieces that I am *happy* have yet to find a home. Here is one:
Great idea for a post- and lovely purse!

Aisling said...

What a fun purse! I wouldn't want to part with it either. :)

I will be sad to see this pietersite necklace go:

liz said...

love this thread - and good advice, katie.

this might be cheating, because i did already sell this, but it is one of may favorites. i still miss this little guy:
i hope he is happy in his new home!

Matt said...


I regret selling these five boards at $33 each (easily less than half their value).

It was to family, and I was just starting out...but the material was rare, the boards some of the prettiest I've made, and sadly they all live in California:

Matt said...