Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Introducting Krys (dreadedkreations)

Most of us know Krys' shop as dreadedkreations, but the full store name is much more intriguing: Dreaded Kreations Shop Of Mischief. New both to Etsy and the Asheville area, Krys specializes in dreadfalls and hairpieces, but you never know just what you might find in her shop.

On Her Awesome Crafts:
What are your favorite materials to use in your crafts?
Wool, synthetic hair, embroidery, SHARPIES!

How did you learn your craft or art?
The dreads were a trial and error. Everyone online has their own method, but I played around and wore my own creations!!

Other than the work you post to Etsy, what other creative endeavors are you involved in?
I am creating a zine for needle/thread hand embroidery featuring patterns, reviews and techniques.

Etsy/Business Related Questions:
How did you find Etsy?
BUST magazine!

Is there a story behind your store name?
Well I have lotsa handles for different things, geekchic is my hairstylist dig, cherry hammer is my roller girl name, so I needed something that would stick, and more importantly I would remember! I like fake dreads 'dreaded' also being a lapsed gothette; dreaded works for the OTHER stuff I am working on. ;) Kreations is what I do with my first initial thrown in there!

Do you work another job in addition to Etsy?
Right now I am unemployed :( just moving to ashevegas broke me so I am selling like MAD on ebay getting rid of stuff. But by trade, I am a hairstylist that loves the funky!
Asheville Rocks!

What’s the best thing about living in the Asheville area?
Everything! natural beauty and a art scene that rocks!

What is your favorite off-the-beaten path place or activity in Asheville?
I haven't been here long enough to discover that one yet! Anyone want to give a newcomer some pointers?

What’s your impression of the local arts & crafts scene here?
I came from Wilmington, where they *say* there is an art scene, but asheville got it all! And everyone is really laid back!

Random Krys Facts:

What’s your favorite movie? Actor/actress?
LABYRINTH!!!!!!! as far as actors, i love love LOVE the Monty Python Boys!!!!

What quote do you find yourself saying most often?

What are your non-crafting hobbies?
B/W photography of random things. I love hiking and cooking!

To see her "dreaded kreations", check out Krys' etsy shop. Fingers crossed that her fabulous dreadfalls will find a home in a salon near you!


Aisling said...

Just have to say woohoo, another Python fan! :)

liz said...

i second (third) the python love, and labyrinth too!

early girl. said...

I want to meet Krys - cool interview. :)